Couch not included

A party game
in the palm of your hand

By the end, you and your friends will have all made up a bunch of hilarious inside jokes together.

How to play

Get your team to guess as many words as they can over 3 rounds


You can say anything except the words on the card.

Only 1 Word

You can only give one word as a clue. No actions or sounds for this round.


Act out the card without words. Bring out your inner diva.


A great way to learn Lingo

No videos yet. Coming soon!


Got questions? We might have some answers.

I have an idea for a feature
What are you working on next?
Do I keep my packs?


Two brothers working together

Aris Papaiakovou


Demetre Papaiakovou


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Lingo is a great party game for all ages and occasions. Download it on Google Play or App Store.